Big Experience Week

Big Experience

Grow your skills (and your CV)

Every year, we offer work experience placements for 16-18 year-olds in Pret shops up and down the country. The week is spent exploring a career in hospitality, building self-confidence and meeting the wonderful people of Team Pret. Everyone who takes part in Big Experience Week then has the chance to be fast-tracked through the application process for the Pret Apprenticeship

Please note, we are now closed for applications this year. 


Great Pay

(Earn as much as our Team Members!)


Free Food

(While you're working)

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Fast Track

(On to The Pret Apprenticeship)

To apply...

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Step 1

Tell us about yourself & why you want to take part


Step 2

Confirm which week in July you would like to participate


Step 3

We'll confirm when your application has been recieved


Step 4

If successful, we'll be in touch to allocate your shop!