While we’re very proud of the delicious cookies we sell in our shops, this page is about a different sort of cookie. The cookies we’re talking about here are the digital ones that uses in order to make your experience as enjoyable as if you were in one of our shops.

You don’t have to have cookies installed to view and you can remove them at any point using your website browser settings. Every browser has a different way to turn cookies off so it’s best to check in your browser’s ‘help’ section (it’s usually somewhere near the top of the page).
If you do keep the Pret cookies (there aren’t too many of them) we thought it only fair to let you know what they are and what they do.

Rest assured, we will never collect any personal information about you (or anyone who shares your device) such as your name, address or financial details via our website cookies.

If you’d like to discuss cookies with us in more detail, please do contact us.

Google (third party cookie) uses Google Maps and also uses Google Analytics to record user behaviour across the website.

Google Analytics helps site owners analyse the traffic to their websites and apps. When used in conjunction with advertising services, such as those using the DoubleClick cookie, Google Analytics information is linked, by the Google Analytics customer or by Google, using Google technology, with information about visits to multiple sites.

Concrete5 (third party cookie)

Content Management System cookie (CONCRETE5). This cookie is set by our Concrete5 content management system. It stores basic information for a user to maintain the website. No personal information is stored, and it is encrypted. This cookie is temporary and expires when you close your browser.


DYNSRV cookie is added by our load balancer to track which web server to send the visitor to. Its purpose is to improve the performance of the website. 

This is an essential cookie to the operation of the site that is always set by the load balancer and does not store any personal information.