Careers, not just jobs

Lots of young people leave school eager to get on and climb the career ladder. We think that’s brilliant and we’ve worked to make Pret the perfect place to start your journey.

As part of The Pret Apprenticeship, we offer training and support through our very own Pret Academy. Our Academy courses are designed to help you develop real-life skills and achieve industry-recognised qualifications. With great pay, brilliant perks and the support of Team Pret, we’ll help you grow from Apprentice, to Leader, Manager and beyond…

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The Pret Apprenticeship provides young people with a real alternative to university. We support our apprentices as they achieve industry-recognised qualifications (all the way up to a fully-funded Business Management degree) while earning a great wage, building confidence and making friends for life. 

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Early Careers at Pret is all about growing your child’s confidence as well as career. The Pret Apprenticeship prepares young people to become future leaders with real-life skills, values and qualifications transferable to any business.

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From Apprentice to Leader, Manager and beyond. The Pret Academy offers a range of courses and qualifications to help you grow. 

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