The Pret Apprenticeship


Grow your skills, confidence and career (and get paid!)

The Pret Apprenticeship offers in-depth training, career progression and qualifications. It's about building confidence, gaining life skills and being part of a team.

Starting out as a Team Member, the apprenticeship can take you all the way to a fully-funded BA Business Management Undergraduate degree. You'll be paid throughout and can step on and off the programme (allowing you to progress at your own pace). You'll also benefit from all the perks of belonging to Team Pret, such as free food, mystery shopper bonuses, weekly pay and travel support (not forgetting an Apprentice Extra student discount card).


We care about your qualities, not your qualifications. So long as you're passionate about a career in hospitality, we'll support you with everything you need to grow with Pret.


“Pret is great, they look at you as a person and how you can be developed.”

The Pret Apprenticeship


Grow as a Team Member


Level 2 Hospitality Apprenticeship


Evolve as a Leader


Level 3 Hospitality Team Supervisor Apprenticeship


Excel as a Manager


Up to a BA Business Management Undergraduate Degree

The Team Member Programme

In the first year of your apprenticeship, you'll join a Pret shop, complete a Level 2 Hospitality Apprenticeship Standard and choose an area to specialise in, whether that's food preparation in the kitchen or crafting coffees as a Barista. You'll also attend Pret Experience Events to learn more about key areas of the business such as our customers, our coffee, and sustainability. This also includes a graduation ceremony to celebrate your achievements! Once you have completed your Level 2 you can choose to progress onto the Leader Programme and then on to the Manager Programme.

The Leader Programme

Completed in one to two years this next stage of the apprenticeship will develop your leadership skills, business knowledge and confidence. By the end you'll have completed a Level 3 Hospitality Team Supervisor Apprenticeship and progress as a Leader, with supervisory responsibilities in a Pret shop. 

The Manager Programme

This final phase of the apprenticeship journey is a flexible two to four-year programme where you can gain a Level 4 Hospitality Manager Apprenticeship Standard all the way up to a (fully-funded) BA Business Management Undergraduate Degree. This programme prepares you to become a Manager of your own Pret shop and team.

“For me, there's nothing better I could be doing right now. I've found myself and what I want to do.”  - Angel

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